You could use Food plate as a guide to assess your child’s nutrient intake on a daily basis. Plan your child’s diet by including a variety of food items from different categories. For further advice kindly consult your Pediatrician or contact our nutrition expert @ +91 9717909027

Milk is a good source of nutrients such as calcium, proteins, Vitamin A etc. But milk is not a good source of Iron and Vitamin C.  You should add Growth Formula to your kid’s milk to make it a whole meal; you should add other items to make your breakfast balanced

Growth Formula Contains all the essential nutrients including Vitamin C and whey protein which are scientifically proven to improve immunity, by giving your kid Growth formula 2,3 times a day, it will drastically improve your child’s Immunity and health

Absolutely, in fact adding Growth Formula powder is a great way to power up your smoothies with added nutrients including calories from protein, fat and carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals that your child might be missing.

The best way to consume Growth Formula is by adding one scoop of the product to a cup of hot/cold milk first thing in the morning or before sleeping.

The best time to consume the Growth formula is after some kind of physical activity, before bedtime or during your breakfast meal.

Skipping breakfast adversely affects physical growth, zest, learning capabilities, memory & academic performance. Growth formula provides all the 27 essential nutrients for overall growth and development

Yes, Growth Formula can improve your overall digestion and nutritional status. This may further lead to healthy weight gain

Most of the other kid’s protein powders are made with malt, soya or other cheap sources which are primarily carbohydrates, and have small amounts of other low-quality nutrients whereas Growth Formula is a nutritional product, made with Internationally sourced pure Whey protein Concentrate, Simple & complex carbohydrates and 27 Vitamins and Minerals with electrolytes for higher Immunity, Strength, stamina, faster recovery and hydration.